Dating apps – Superficial Strikes Back!

So, being that I am divorced, I thought I would jump into the foray of dating again. But after 18 years of being an “us”, how does one even go about finding someone in this day and age… Welcome to the world of dating apps!

Dating apps are in abundance and are all pretty much crap… They are based on photos of the person and a small written “about me”, which could be a tweet for the lack of characters they give you write about yourself… After uploading photos and figuring out what to write in the “slightly” more than 180 characters they give you, you are ready to go!

So then you look through countless people and either swipe left (if you don’t like) or swipe right (if you do). This can be really tedious… You swipe through the endless shirtless photos or photos of them in the gym… And then if they are cute, I take the time to read what they have written, which typically includes “I love to work out” (aka I’m addicted to the gym and if you aren’t perfectly fit, move along) or “my work keeps me pretty busy” (which makes me wonder why you are on here, because you probably don’t have time to date). After all the swiping, then you might have a connection. This involves small talk and if you are like me, you suck at small talk… Did I mention I have social anxiety and I’m an introvert??? (God, I suck at small talk) The small talk then (hopefully) moves to more detailed talk and less small… you might even agree to meet for coffee or etc. and there you have the date…

This is the part where it all goes wrong… I get ready and things seem great. We have a great time and then, BAM! They bring up sex… and it all goes south from there. What is a gal to do? I am not here to “hook up”. I’m genuinely trying to find a nice guy, but apparently that doesn’t exist in this superficial world.

So, I decided that maybe my profile was written up all wrong, so I enlisted the help of my friend, Jeremy, to “proof” my profile. This is a really good idea, by the way, guys and gals! Have a friend proofreading your profile can help you see things you didn’t see before or they can help you enhance things you didn’t see about yourself. So, I revamped the old profile and went back at it… However, it just ended up being more of the same. Either they wanted sex or they ghosted me. So I decided once and for all to ditch the dating apps. I deleted all my profiles and walked away from it and I have honestly never been happier! Am I still single? Yep! But I am learning that it’s all ok. I figure if I’m meant to be with someone, things will work out, regardless of whether it was on a stupid app or not!

Coolest Video EVER!!!

There are a ton of cool videos floating around the web nowadays. However, very few seem to be the mind blowing, “Holy Crap! That was amazing!!!” kind… until now.

LIMELIGHT is a group of amazing artists who 3D map amazing creations onto buildings, specifically the Budapest Parliament Building, as featured in this video. This video won them the IMAPP 2016 award for their stunning work. I had a friend show me this video and I fell in love! Enough so, that I plan on saving money to see the IMAPP competition live one day!

So, enjoy this mind blowing video and if you like the song, it’s called Set in Stone by AMB.


Shannara Chronologically

I first read Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks back in middle school (1988) and fell in love with it, but like the myriad of books I’ve read over the years, I had forgotten about it. That is until MTV release the Shannara Chronicles as a tv show.

I went back to read Sword of Shannara again and decided to read them in chronological order, as many books have been written since I lost read the Chronicles. So I started with the Word and Void trilogy.

The first book in the Word and Void trilogy is Running with the Demon. This book takes place around the early 90’s (I’m guessing) in a small town called Hopewell, Illinois. The two main characters are Nest Freemark, aged 14 and John Ross, about 30ish. With the use of magic and wit, they battle “feeders” and demons alike. I am purposefully leaving out a lot of the details, as I feel this is a trilogy that you should read for yourself.

What I will say about this trilogy is that I devoured it! As usual, Terry Brooks captures the imagination, while helping you to want to befriend his characters. He is one of the few writers where I feel as if I were a part of story. You come to genuinely care for Nest and John as they try to save this small town from its imminent doom.  Even when characters make horrible mistakes in life, you can’t help but feel bad for them and the choices they made.

This is a great series of books that any fantasy reader will enjoy!

The Best Video Game Soundtrack!

While crawling the Spotify world, I created found these great albums that have some of the best video game songs ever! I just wanted to share it with you all! This is great to listen to while cleaning, gaming and just hanging out! Plus, it’s really fun to have someone say “I know that song!” Some of the songs include the Angry Birds theme song, Still Alive from Portal, and Super Mario Theme just to name a few!

On Wishing I was Molly Ringwald…

sixteen-candles-400ds06291Any girl who grew up in the 80’s knows Molly Ringwald. She was the champion for all outcast and nerdy girls growing up. She taught us to be ourselves in Pretty in Pink. Lived through hell when her parents f&*$ng forgot her birthday. And survived a crappiest day in detention.

She made us believe that we could have the Jake Ryans (Sixteen Candles) and Blaine McDonnagh (Pretty in Pink), you know, the most popular and attractive boy in school. There was even the chance that you could have the bad boy, like John Bender (Breakfast Club), or even a crazy best friend, like Duckie Dale.

But then comes reality…

The popular boys and the bad boys don’t notice you, thanks Molly, for the false hope. And back then, I couldn’t even get a Duckie Dale in my life! But I still wished and hoped that I could be her. Because despite all of it, and the reality, you just wanted to be her, she was cool without being mean or nasty. She helped out lone nerds score cool points (remember the bathroom underwear scene in Sixteen Candles?) and she stood up for herself (let’s not forget when she told Blaine off about prom!) and she melted the bad boy’s heart. She gave this high school dateless wonder hope that maybe it would suck for now, but it just might get better.

Plus, she had the music! Every one of her triumphs at the end of the movie included an awesome song that when you heard it, you just knew it would be ok. To this day, I still love “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simply Red, “If You Leave” by Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark and “If You Were Here” by The Thompson Twins. You hear those songs and it just takes you back to your first kiss or date or prom. It’s magical.

So, until the day I die, I will always look up to Molly Ringwald and the hope she brought to this gal. I hope that she meant something to you too!

Break out the paint! LOKA Chess is here!!!

LOKA ChessI am doing a MAJOR happy dance! A while back I help to fund the Kickstarter for LOKA Chess by Mantic Games. It’s a cool fantasy chess with an awesome fantasy twist. The game designer, Alessio Cavatore has worked as a designer on a lot of miniature war games, such as Warhammer and Lord of the Rings.

Now, I will admit, I am NOT a chess player by any means. (I plan to learn soon.) However, the beauty of the miniatures of this game was what drew me to buy it. They are gorgeous and unpainted! So I get the awesome pleasure of painting them myself!

Now, if you would have told me a year and a half ago that I would LOVE painting miniature war figures, I would have laughed in your face. However, I bought my first Hordes Legion of Everblight battle box and fell in love with it. I love the game too, but I actually derive more enjoyment out of painting them! (I’m sure there are more of us out there like this too!) There is something relaxing about sitting and painting these itty bitty models. Plus, it’s an awesome hobby if you have small (size 3) hands, your fingers don’t get in the way!

But, back to LOKA… I am really excited to paint and display these figures on the board! I am excited to learn to play the game too. Check out these beautiful photos from Mantic Games of the painted figures and you will see why I like them so much! Also, make sure to check out Alessio’s video about the game too!


Air Faction

Earth faction
Earth Faction

Fire faction
Fire Faction

Water Faction
Water Faction