The Best Video Game Soundtrack!

While crawling the Spotify world, I created found these great albums that have some of the best video game songs ever! I just wanted to share it with you all! This is great to listen to while cleaning, gaming and just hanging out! Plus, it’s really fun to have someone say “I know that song!” Some of the songs include the Angry Birds theme song, Still Alive from Portal, and Super Mario Theme just to name a few!

Return of the Blogger…

10462620_10152621187291874_2464951430379772963_nWell, I’m back! I took a long hiatus, mostly due to opening a tabletop game store in Gilmer, Texas. It’s called Halflings Hideaway Games. It has taken up a lot of my life and now that after a year of being an open store, I can finally have a routine, I have decided to return to My Geek Voice again.

I will have some great posts about a lot of fun and geekery in the future!



On Wishing I was Molly Ringwald…

sixteen-candles-400ds06291Any girl who grew up in the 80’s knows Molly Ringwald. She was the champion for all outcast and nerdy girls growing up. She taught us to be ourselves in Pretty in Pink. Lived through hell when her parents f&*$ng forgot her birthday. And survived a crappiest day in detention.

She made us believe that we could have the Jake Ryans (Sixteen Candles) and Blaine McDonnagh (Pretty in Pink), you know, the most popular and attractive boy in school. There was even the chance that you could have the bad boy, like John Bender (Breakfast Club), or even a crazy best friend, like Duckie Dale.

But then comes reality…

The popular boys and the bad boys don’t notice you, thanks Molly, for the false hope. And back then, I couldn’t even get a Duckie Dale in my life! But I still wished and hoped that I could be her. Because despite all of it, and the reality, you just wanted to be her, she was cool without being mean or nasty. She helped out lone nerds score cool points (remember the bathroom underwear scene in Sixteen Candles?) and she stood up for herself (let’s not forget when she told Blaine off about prom!) and she melted the bad boy’s heart. She gave this high school dateless wonder hope that maybe it would suck for now, but it just might get better.

Plus, she had the music! Every one of her triumphs at the end of the movie included an awesome song that when you heard it, you just knew it would be ok. To this day, I still love “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simply Red, “If You Leave” by Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark and “If You Were Here” by The Thompson Twins. You hear those songs and it just takes you back to your first kiss or date or prom. It’s magical.

So, until the day I die, I will always look up to Molly Ringwald and the hope she brought to this gal. I hope that she meant something to you too!

Break out the paint! LOKA Chess is here!!!

LOKA ChessI am doing a MAJOR happy dance! A while back I help to fund the Kickstarter for LOKA Chess by Mantic Games. It’s a cool fantasy chess with an awesome fantasy twist. The game designer, Alessio Cavatore has worked as a designer on a lot of miniature war games, such as Warhammer and Lord of the Rings.

Now, I will admit, I am NOT a chess player by any means. (I plan to learn soon.) However, the beauty of the miniatures of this game was what drew me to buy it. They are gorgeous and unpainted! So I get the awesome pleasure of painting them myself!

Now, if you would have told me a year and a half ago that I would LOVE painting miniature war figures, I would have laughed in your face. However, I bought my first Hordes Legion of Everblight battle box and fell in love with it. I love the game too, but I actually derive more enjoyment out of painting them! (I’m sure there are more of us out there like this too!) There is something relaxing about sitting and painting these itty bitty models. Plus, it’s an awesome hobby if you have small (size 3) hands, your fingers don’t get in the way!

But, back to LOKA… I am really excited to paint and display these figures on the board! I am excited to learn to play the game too. Check out these beautiful photos from Mantic Games of the painted figures and you will see why I like them so much! Also, make sure to check out Alessio’s video about the game too!


Air Faction

Earth faction

Earth Faction

Fire faction

Fire Faction

Water Faction

Water Faction




“Can’t you just clean your room???” The Joys of living with a child with ADD

I don’t normally get personal on this blog, however, I have been struggling with this for a while and I have learned that when I talk about it, people have some amazing ideas that have helped me.

My oldest daughter has Attention Deficit Disorder. This is really rough for me to work with. I don’t understand why it takes her all day to “clean” (not really) her room when I can get it done in less than an hour. It’s downright gut wrenching and frustrating to boot. I usually just end up giving up and cleaning it myself. However, that doesn’t teach her anything but that Mom will take care of it.

I recently bought the book Smart, but ScatteredĀ , which will help me understand how my daughter thinks so I can best help her. This book will help me to teach her the basic skills that most people have to stay on track, but people with ADD or ADHD do not posses. I can’t wait until I finish this book, because every time I look at her room, I just want to scream.

I tried to look online for a simple checklist for her, but I couldn’t find one for her, so I guess I will have make my own.

If you have any hints, tips or helps in regards to helping your ADD or ADHD children, please share them in the comments. I welcome the ideas and help!!!

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Game Reviews: Take Your Pick! & Eye to Eye

This last Saturday, I got together with my usual gaming group. Instead of playing our typical role playing game, we sat down to play a couple of fun SimplyFun games: Take Your Pick! and Eye to Eye.

511TIObmMwL._SX300_We sat down to play Eye to Eye first. Eye to Eye is a game that is all about matching the other players. You will have a card that will give you a category such as: Types of Trucks. You then have 30 seconds to come up with 3 answers that you think everyone else will pick as well. After all the answers are read, if you have an answer on your list that no one else picked, you grab one of the wooden blocks. Whoever have the least amount of blocks by the end of the game wins. It’s a fun twist on category games and it really forces you to try to think like the other players, which can be harder than it seems! We all had a blast playing this game and had a lot of laughs at some of the answers too!

$(KGrHqN,!lsFIBtU92!iBSGmbGVU3!~~60_35Next we played Take Your Pick! In this game, each player gets 3 cards and 1 of the players is the subject. The cards have 2 different options on them such as: Chess or Charades. You have to pick which of these two options your subject will pick. If you pick the correct one, then you get a point! Now, this game may sound really easy, but there are some cards that become a lesser of two evils, that’s when it gets tricky! This is a great game for getting to know people and works well as an ice breaker too.




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Why nutritious food is so important!

In our household, we deal with dietary issues daily. My oldest is not able to have dairy or gluten products. This can make cooking a bit tricky at times, but we manage. I do love that she is getting healthy and wholesome foods and not over processed garbage. Nutrition is SO important in a child’s development and so is their involvement in their dietary needs. My daughter is really great at letting people know (nicely) about her food restrictions, but letting them know what she can eat. While sometimes it’s harder for her to grab an apple vs a piece of candy, she knows what the outcome of both foods will do to or for her.

I watched Jamie Oliver’s TED talk last year and was blown away by it. My family had been watching his show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and were shocked at what we saw in the cafeterias and on family plates. Please, don’t think I’m judging or anything like that, after each episode, I went through my pantry to find any unhealthy offenders. I am also a big soda drinker, which I am working on quitting. I know it’s a horrible habit. But I wanted to share Jamie’s talk and let people know there is hope.

If you need a great way to get your kids involved and excited as well, make sure to look into the game Foodle. This great game that teaches families portion sizes and general food IQ.

For now, be inspired by this great video!


Christmas is Coming! Great ideas for you!

keep-calm-christmas-is-coming-7Christmas is coming soon! Are you ready? I know I’m not, but I will be soon! If you are like me and love to play games, then be sure to check out SimplyFun games! These games are great for having fun and learning at the same time!

My family and I love playing the SimplyFun games! These games are not only fun to play, but the construction of the game and game pieces are exceptional!

Here are some of our favorite games:

Sarah (4) loves Share A Berry.

Sophia (9) loves Digger’s Garden Match.

My favorite is Eye to Eye.

If you like what you see and would love to buy them AND save money, you can host a Virtual party with me or if you live in the East Texas area, you can host a face to face party with your friends! These games make great games for your family, your extended family, grand kids, and etc! So contact me and let’s get you set for Christmas!


Get in the game! – The Challenge

As a work at home mom here in East Texas, it can be really hard to find the time to do it all. You have your housework, actual work, and don’t forget the kids! It’s easy to concentrate on just one thing and completely blow it on the others. That’s why scheduling a fun game time each day with your kids is SO important.

It doesn’t have to be a long game, in fact at SimplyFun, we have a lot of fun games that take less than 30 minutes to play. What is also great about our games, is that kids learn valuable skills that they need. Math, reading, counting and etc. If you are a homeschool mom or even a mom who is just working with their younger ones, grab a game and play!

I plan on spending 30 minutes each day playing a game with Sarah for the next week, my four year old. Today is Digger’s Garden Match. I talked about it yesterday and it’s a great game. I love how it teaches not only numbers, as it works a lot like dominos, but it teaches colors, shapes and critical thinking. I love playing this game with Sarah and watching her really think about where to place each tile! It’s so much fun!

So, I challenge you moms to let me know what game you are going to play with your kids! Please make sure to comment and let me know! (hint: there will be a random prize at the end of the challenge!!!)

Best Wishes and Happy Gaming!

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Game Review: Share a Berry!

I recently played a great game with my 4 year old, Sarah called Share a Berry. This is a really fun game that helped my daughter to count and to subtract as well. My 9 year old jumped in and we really had a fun time!

What I love about this game is that Sarah is learning to count as she plays. When we play, she has to count the berries on each card for each player, so that she really learns her numbers. She has struggled with her numbers, so this is a fun and non-threatening way for her to work on her numbers. This is a great game for preschoolers, but can be fun for older kids to play with their siblings as well!

To learn more about Share A Berry, enjoy this video!